Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

A lot of people claim they know the secret to success. They will claim it is motivation,
ambitiousness, positivity, conscientiousness and all sorts of other abstract nouns.
However they are missing the true vital ingredient, the real key that will get you started
on the road to success to begin with: desire. It comes from within. It is obvious really, but
if you are going to be successful in any area of your life then you need to want to be
successful. It does not matter how hard working you are, how much time you spend at
work, but if you do not particularly want to climb to the top it just will not happen.

Anything along these lines is a competition essentially, and if you do not truly desire
success then you’ll still be going against a whole lot of people who do. You can not really
have motivation without desire, but even if you could, where would you be directing that
motivation? It is desire that will help you keep your eye on the prize and act as the
motivator as you put in more time after work, or come up with complex plans on how to
woo the guy/gal of your dreams. And the more you desire something the more you’ll
work to get it. And as you do you’ll nd that you subconsciously even help to navigate
through the mire of challenges and that the world just kind of steps out of the way.

Of course not all desire will work. Firstly your desire needs to be realistic, and secondly
your desire needs to be concrete. A desire to y for example probably is only going to end
with disappointment unless you are from Krypton, and a desire to ‘be more successful’ is
an abstract aim that’s really quite subjective.

How to Find Your Desire: Some people though do not seem to have any desire at all
however, and these people can be quite aimless in their lives. They aren’t going to
progress because they do not know how they want to progress and they do not know
what they want from life. The thing is though, everyone has something they want, it is
just a matter of nding out what it is. If you are struggling to know what your desire is,
then think of your life now as it is. Now think of how it could be improved. Now think of
how your life would look if you had everything the way you want it. That’s pretty desirable
right? Maybe you have got a big house and kids, or a small house and great artistic job, or
you are a movie star, or a high ying business man.

Now you know what your desires are,
write them down and break them down into smaller steps and priorities. Suddenly you
have direction and motivation. Good luck!

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