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Nicole Damaskinou

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When I became a mother, my need for freedom became even more intense! I realized that I need to have complete control of my schedule, to choose when and how I will work! Imagine with me, especially as parents, living the life we dream of, while also dedicating quality time to our children.

This thought is truly priceless! I am deeply convinced that it is achievable, only if we invest in our personal development and dedicate the necessary time and effort!

When my son was born, I began to realize that many of my thoughts and reactions were automated and did not truly reflect my real desires. This realization sparked the journey into the magical world of personal development and coaching. That’s why I chose to continue my studies in coaching, and I am a Life Coaching seminar trainer in a large educational group in Athens!

As my children grow up, I see how many parents did not have the opportunity to realize their true desires and explore their authentic identity! I feel an unwavering commitment to help as many people as possible find their inner strength and their hidden abilities. My goal is to inspire them to create the life they dream of and realize that success is a choice that everyone can make!

I strongly believe that our authenticity and dynamism are within us, we just need to identify and develop them. As I continue to be inspired by entrepreneurship and my personal development, I am convinced that every individual has the power to create the happiness and success they desire!

Success is a personal choice and I am here to inspire and support those who seek the key to unlock the doors to prosperity and the realization of their dreams!

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